The Heart Detox

My latest book is titled The Heart Detox, in it you will find information on how to clean and detox your heart, not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well.  Below you will find a small excerpt from The Heart Detox…

The condition of the heart is important because the condition of your heart sets the frequency/vibration for the whole body, for the complete being.  

Your heart is like a radio, it can be set to multiple and diverse stations which set the frequencies/vibrations that your heart sends out to others and the universe. 

Your heart is like radio that plays the music of your thoughts.  Whatever station/ vibration or frequency it is set on, the whole house/Body will respond to and move in accordance with it.

A clean heart refers to the inner discourse of your heart, the words and music that are playing from within your heart’s radio.  

Attitude is the reflection of your faith.

Your hearts’ frequency governs your attitude, your personality, how you react to conflict and most importantly  it determines your level of intimacy with the Spirit of our Creator. 

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