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Healthy Vs. Trendy

There is a lot of health information circling around “out there” from social media, vegan friends, news and t.v- many of us have become our own personal health subscribers.

At the risk of sounding cliche, I saw a post on instagram pointing out 

HEALTHY SELF when broken down into 3 can be broken down into HEAL THY SELF.

As a writer this got me thinking, HEAL THY SELF has become the mantra of our generation, but have we really grasped what it means?

In order to get HEAL THY SELF from HEALTHY SELF the word HEALTHY has to be broken down correctly. 

When we are hurt, challenged or stumble we also have to broken down correctly because we want to be in a position to Self Heal after the process.  

This means addressing our mental health issues along with our physical and spiritual.  We know these things are connected and our #healthstyles should reflect that connection.

Mental health and emotional well being are the foundation to your #healthstyle.  

You can eat right, exercise daily and still get sick or ill, you can be a spiritual guru and still not develop healthy relationships with others.  

Before doing a self assessment ask yourself, what am I feeding my brain and what does my brain like to eat? 

According to Dr.Sebi and science, our brains are electric, so we should eat brain food that contains minerals and elements that are good conductors for electricity (energy/frequency) to flow. 





These are all minerals we should be chasing after before embarking on any journey towards complete health.  

Clear mind, clear perspective and clear health.  Many of the mainstream ideas about what’s normal are mental illnesses run rampant and left unchecked.  

These #healthstyles can only lead down dark slippery paths despite all an individuals efforts to live “right”. 

Before you do another “life assessment” create a plan using Brain Boost and Balance oils and recipes for 3 days.

Write in your journal before you start and after, then compare.  Share your findings with either me or a friend.

Brain Boost and Balanced Oils 3 day Package available for free to all members.


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