Janiece McIntosh is the founder of Fabu Phit, a York University graduate, and a mother of 4 who has practiced yoga for over 12 years working as a Social Entrepreneur for the last 4, Janiece McIntosh develops programming for women who face similar challenges as herself (lack of time, lack of motivation and not finding holistic programs) and barriers to staying fit, healthy and mentally stable.

She has been trained by Education Wife Assault, worked for United Way as a counselor for traumatized and abused women.  Janiece possess life coaching skills required to develop and execute programs and training that truly addresses the issues that many working professional women face (overworked, over stressed and in debt).

As Certified Fitness Instructor, Holistic Health nutritionists and Life Coach, Janiece McIntosh works with young women focusing on relationships, self-esteem, and coping with transitions. She is a creative writer and author, poet and artist helping young women emerge as confident leaders ready to achieve their entrepreneurial goals/dreams.

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