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A Letter from Janiece McIntosh…

I began Fabu Phit because it was something that I needed in my life,  I was surprised to find out that other women were also searching for similar services that not only offered them a place to get fit and feel sexy- but a place for recovery, cleansing and healing.   It was not good enough for me to be drilled relentlessly by a personal trainer who concentrated only on my body but did not pay attention to what was happening in my mind or my emotions.  I needed a service that could address me as a whole, someone who understood the complexity of my being physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Thus, I began Fabu Phit.  I started a program that gave women a place to meet together and take care of themselves, a place to meditate, have a facial, burn incense and cleanse, to eat healthy food and practice yoga and muscle toning.  At Fabu Phit we cover everything from loss, to relationships, domestic violence, beauty and hair, we take care of all of you.

After going through my own process of trauma, pain and loss I was led on a journey of cleansing, healing.  That is when Fabu Phit emerged and  I knew I had to share it with the world…

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