About Us

  1. Welcome to Fabu Phit!

We are located in Willowdale, Toronto.   We are here.

Operating Hours Monday – Friday 10 am – 3 pm & Sundays 11 am – 2 pm

Fabu Phit offers clients a space to heal, recover, rebuild and increase vitality, focus and energy through training, programs, workshops and retreats. We provide health, wellness and fitness programs that focus on mental wellness and healing.

Fabu Phit’s exclusive tailored programming provides women with the luxury of a personal Holistic Health & Fitness Wellness Spas.

FABU PHIT can be done 1 of 4 ways for your convenience (personal training in your home, via Skype, through Internet subscription to our website and in studio) with flexible, book your own session(s), extended hours for Internet and Skype sessions.

FABU PHIT uses unique techniques like aromatherapy, smoothies, essential oils, and semi precious stones as alternative ways to increase energy, focus, vitality, creativity and rejuvenation.

We offer specialized programming not currently offered by competitors such as Chakra Healing, Self Care Training, Strategies for managing, coping with and alleviating stress, Bare Beauty and Skype Therapy along with many other customized programs.
Quality. Our primary motive for beginning FABU PHIT has always been to bring self-care and holistic fitness to those who need it most.

Fabu Phit is personalized self-care for women who are overworked and over stressed providing specialized self-care and spa programs designed to DE-distress and rejuvenate.



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